Maneuver your trailer into position BY HAND An upgraded version of the Trailer Valet XL! No more backing up and straightening out over and over to park your boat, camper, or trailer where you want it. Maneuver your expensive possessions into tight spaces like never before all by yourself with a standalone trailer dolly.

Available on Special order ONLY in May 2024


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Ditch your vehicle altogether and manually guide your equipment into place by hand. That’s right. It’s that easy, and you have full control over its movement. Maneuver your expensive possessions into tight spaces like never before all by yourself. You don’t need a spotter or a skilled driver to help you. Anyone can do it easily, precisely, and safely all by themself. Really!


Up to 12,000 lb. towing capacity when trailer is on a hard level surface properly loaded and attached using the ball and base
Ideal for 8,000-12,000 lb. trailers with evenly distributed weight
Optimal use with 10-12% vertical or tongue weight
Minimum 6%-8% of trailer weight up to maximum tongue weight: 1,200 lbs.


Standalone – A standalone, portable trailer mover
Precision – Precisely maneuver your trailer into tight spots (without a vehicle) on your own
Simple – Easily mount your trailer by hand or with the help of a power drill and enjoy a much easier hitching process by easily bringing the trailer right to your vehicle
Affordable – More affordable than battery powered movers
Preservation – Protect your expensive possessions (boat, motorcycle, personal watercraft, etc.) from damage while storing
Safety – Integrated braking system alleviates heavy strain on your back and joints
Rugged – Steel construction and zinc-nickel plating for durability
Power – Patented gear system for more power
High and low gear ratio settings for increased power with minimal effort; no hand-cranking necessary
Use a power drill (any 20-24V non-impact drill) for more power and distance or manual crank for precision and for smaller areas
Traction – Solid rubber tires with deep treads for better surface traction
Corrosion-free – Wrinkle black powder coating provides 300 hours of corrosion resistance