Trailer Valet XL, Portable Trailer Mover – Up To 10,000 LBS

The Trailer Valet XL is simply the best trailer dolly on the planet. With a tongue weight capacity of 1000Lbs, and a load bearing weight of up to 10,000Lbs, this XL can move even the heaviest loads.

This heavy-duty trailer dolly, with integrated drive, takes the hassle out of moving your trailer manually. Simply connect the Trailer Valet to your trailer, turn the hand crank handle, and guide the trailer with the built in steering handle. You can maneuver your trailer by using the hand drive crank handle or use the included drill attachment turning your Trailer Valet XL into a powered trailer mover.

• Easily drive and steer your trailer into any tight spot with minimal effort
• The drive mechanism is powered by easy-to-use hand crank
• The included drill adaptor enables you to “drive” the trailer using a drill instead of using the hand crank and essentially turning your Trailer Valet into a motorized unit.
• Switch between high and low gears for quicker or slower moving speed
• Included drill adapter allows you to power the gears with your drill (drill not included)
• Solid rubber tires allow extra grip for more stability on gravel, dirt, and grass
• Automatic brakes engage as soon as you lower the steering handle, no more running for bricks
• Hitch ball base can be adjusted up and down to change ball height
• Rugged steel construction with black powder coat and zinc-nickel plating resists rust
• 500-Hour ocean salt spray rating ensures excellent corrosion resistance
• Drill attachment, steering handle, hitch ball with base, cotter pin, locking nut, washer, and tightening tool included


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When the time comes to move or align your unhitched trailer, the Trailer Valet XL is at your service. The Trailer Valet XL makes it easy to park or move your trailer into tight spots and to position it in a garage or on the side of your home. It allows you to take corners and make slight adjustments in steering while the trailer is moving. No more attempting to back the trailer in with your vehicle. How to Drive the Trailer Valet XL The Trailer Valet XL is easy to operate. You can either use the included hand crank to operate the chain drive system, or you can make the operation even easier by powering the drive with your 18-volt drill (not included). The drive system activates the dual posi-traction wheels. Both wheels are engaged while the Trailer Valet is moving straight – in either forward or reverse. When you need to make a turn, one of the wheels disengages and freewheels, allowing the other wheel to move the trailer. All you have to do is power the drive system and direct the Trailer Valet XL with the steering handle. When you straighten the steering handle back up, the other wheel reengages and the Trailer Valet XL drives straight again. Never-Flat Tires and Automatic Braking System The Trailer Valet XL comes with never-flat solid rubber tires and an automatic brake function to keep your trailer in place. When the handle is down, the brake is engaged. To disengage, simply raise up the steering handle and you’re ready to move. Though the deep treads in the tire surface give you great traction on different surfaces like gravel, dirt, or grass, you will get the best experience when using the XL on well-packed surfaces or pavement.. Have multiple trailers? With our included quick release hitch ball base, you can quickly and easily switch ball sizes within seconds. You can purchase extra trailer ball quick release bases on the bottom of this page. How to Move Your Trailer Up an Incline with Your Trailer Valet
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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 13 × 9 in
Additional Features

• Hitch ball diameter: 1 7/8”, 2” or 2-5/16"
• Adjustable hitch ball height: 19-1/4" – 20-1/4"
• Maximum Tongue weight: 1,000 lbs
• Maximum Gross trailer weight: 10,000 lbs
• Trailer Valet unit weight: 60 lbs
• Gear ratios:
• High speed: 11-to-1
• Low speed: 27-to-1
• 1-Year limited warranty

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